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Collect Your Responses Immediately – Choose the Way You Want to Launch Your Surveys.

  • Send it in an e-mail , newsletter , bulletin, etc. You only have to copy and paste an automatically generated link. (Very useful for interviewing customers, employees, distributors, students and any other contacts).
  • Publish it to your web, blog, forum ... through a link, web button, iframe or pop up . Very simple: you just copy the html code generated by us and paste it in your website's design. (For example: web visitors, forms, competitions, request for information, etc.)
  • Gather information at a trade fair, event, meeting or any other public site with a PC tablet, PDA, Internet Kiosk ... Copy the link in any of these terminals in order to access the survey (useful for interviewing the public at trade fairs, shopping centers, shops, etc.).
  • Do surveys by phone . Choose "Data entry" to generate new questionnaires continuosly. (i.e. for call centers).
  • Printed survey . Use the traditional method for carrying out studies. You are given the option of printing the survey in RTF format, which can be modified or printed.

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