50TH Anniversary ARP Rheumatology Survey
On the occasion of the 50TH Anniversary of our journal, we are surveying our stakeholders to evaluate their experience with ARP Rheumatology.

The purpose of this short survey (<5 minutes to complete) is to gather feedback and insights from the user’s perspective to help us improve and provide you with a better service. The target audience of this survey includes ARP Rheumatology readers, authors, reviewers and editors.
Your responses will help us to identify areas for improvement, as well as areas where we are already excelling. We highly value your feedback, and we appreciate your time and effort in completing this survey.

Please note that all the data collected through this survey is anonymous. We will publish the aggregated results in ARP Rheumatology for your knowledge. The survey is entirely voluntary, and you can withdraw at any time. We kindly ask that you complete the survey by May 31.

We appreciate your interest in ARP Rheumatology and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Dr. Alexandre Sepriano (Editor in Chief) on behalf of the editorial team.
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