Sign Languages and their Translation and Interpreting in Audiovisual Media
1.- Presentation
Hello! My name is Ana Tamayo and I am a hearing researcher interested in researching into filmmaking and sign language and sign language interpreting and transalation (SLIT) in audiovisual media. With this questionnaire, I intend to gather data from sign language users, sign language translators and interpreters, audiovisual media creatives and academics working in related fields.

In order to facilitate data gathering, this is a written questionnaire. I am aware of my hearing privileges, my standpoint and my implicit biases and ableism. I plan to conduct focus groups to gather more qualitative data on sign language and SLIT in audiovisual media. These focus groups will be conducted both in sign language and oral language. I will ask about your availability to participate in a focus group at the end of this questionnaire.

Please, bear in mind that this questionnaire has been developed on a Spanish site. Throughout the questionnaire "NS/NC" means "no sabe/no contesta" (I don't know / No answer).

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me at Thank you very much for your participation.
This survey is conducted thanks to the "Collaboration program of and Universia".
Used exclusively for education purposes.
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