Growing pains When Dating Online
1.- Growing pains When Dating Online
If you have a strong relationship and trust one another that is all that really matters. I believe your love will only grow over time with the right partner. We all travel from time to time for personal or business reasons and this is just a fact of life.

This is a personal choice and you should always do what is best for you.

Another part of new relationship growing pains are past relationships. No one wants to hear about the others ex’s. And of course we don’t want to be compared to your last relationship for better or worse. But, the reality is sometimes you just can’t help reliving someone’s past experiences. And what if their ex’s are still in the picture?

In a new relationship we want the focus to be all on us as if the past doesn’t exist. An example would be dating someone who has been married. I for one want to know what happened to the marriage and why it ended. And how is our relationship different from when you met your ex-spouse. The bottom line is you wonder will this happen to us?