Car Dealership Satisfaction Survey
1.- Introduction
First of all, we want to thank you for the trust you placed in us by renting a [CAR BRAND]. Please complete this small survey to help us improve and offer a better quality service. This questionnaire should take less than [10] minutes.
1. In general, what is your satisfaction level with...?
 Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
The recent experience of buying and picking up the vehicle from the [VEHICLE BRAND] distributor?
The manner in which your calls and/or e-mails were attended to?
The manner in which the sales consultant understood your needs regarding the vehicle you required?
The communication/information received from the distributor from the request until the pickup of the vehicle?
The delivery process of [VEHICLE BRAND]?
The staff’s attitude and the treatment towards you?
The [VERHICLE BRAND] distributors facilities?
2. Based upon your buying and delivery experience, would you recommend [VEHICLE BRAND] to a friend?
3. Were you offered the opportunity to test drive the [VEHICLE BRAND] model that you were interested in (or something similar)?
4. Did an employee of the distributor contact you shortly after you picked up the vehicle?
5. Would you like to comment on any other aspect of the transaction that were particularly positive or a certain employee who served you exceptionally?
6. Would you like to make a general comment with respect to [VEHICLE BRAND]?
7. If you weren’t left completely satisfied with your purchasing experience, please indicate so below and explain which areas [VERHICLE BRAND] can improve.
The survey is now over. Thank you very much, we appreciate your collaboration! is not responsible for the content sent and/or included in a survey/exam.

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